The Chairman of Saga International Balloon Fiesta Organization
Mizumachi Hiroshi

From the time of the first competition in 1980 on the banks of the Kase river, I would like to welcome you to the 23rd annual Saga Balloon Fiesta. Every pilot really want to fly ballooning in the Saga!!

This years Balloon Fiesta is sure to leave everyone extremely satisfied as I know
Saga has prepared various competitions of which just a few include: The 18th
Annual Pacific Cup, The 19th Annual All Japan Competition, , The Fourth Annual 2002 Japan Honda Grand Prix, and Balloon Fantasia. Events that may be of particular interest will be the competitions held the morning and the afternoon. Furthermore, the daytime sky events as well as 'La Montgolfier Nocturne', a fantastic night show of tethering balloons, is sure to make the weekend a great success.

as this years Fiesta opens, I would like to show my gratitude to the many
hard-working volunteers, Saga Prefecture, Saga City, Saga's Hot Air Balloon
steering committee, Honda Incorporated, and the large number of corporations
that have given their time and support.
Again thank you very much and
lets all pray for great weather at this years Fiesta. @