The Chairman of Saga International Balloon Fiesta Organization
Mizumachi Hiroshi

While being supported by many volunteers, this Balloon Fiesta that started in 1980 will hold its 24th event. Recently, we have been delighted that the young people that were not born at the time of the first convention will be helping as contest and management volunteers.
Now, the 2003 Saga International Balloon Fiesta has scheduled, the 19th Pacific Cup, 2003 Hot Air Balloon Japan – Honda Grand Prix 4th Round, the 2003 Senior Pilot Championship, and 15 foreign and domestic balloons that will participate in the “Fun Fun Carnival” and the “Amusing Balloon Gathering.” Also scheduled are new events and a sky event with various shaped balloons. It is estimated that as many as 110 teams participating from 15 countries will gather and be a part of the biggest Asian balloon convention. Also, during the Balloon Fiesta, as many as 800,000 spectators are estimated along the kilometer long Kasegawa riverbed, with the temporary Balloon Saga Station as the center. I think you will have a great time at the sky events and the evening balloon anchoring “La Montgolfier Nocturne” events. By all means, please enjoy yourselves at this huge magnificent aviation event.
Finally, beginning with the Honda Corporation, I would like to give my deepest heart felt thanks. I would also like the thank the local people for their understanding, the many volunteers for their cooperation, Saga Prefecture, Saga City, the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta Management Committee, the Honda Corporation, and the support of many businesses