The Eve party will be held at the Symbol Road in the downtown of Saga on the evening of Thirthday 30th. The Light Fantasy will light illumination lumps on and give you fantastic imagination.
It also includes the opening parade of participants and local citizens.
The Sanyamachi Night
1st November 2003
Everybody is welcomed to this party to meet competitors of the fiesta.
Start from 20:00 at the Shimin Athletic Park.
Admission fees 2,000yen per a person
La Mongolfier Noctune
You can enjoy not only daytime, but also evening. La Mongolifier Noctune, which is balloon tethering in night with live music and lights, is scheduled on evening of 2nd and 3rd November.
La Montgolfiere Nocturne (night tethering) will be held at the Launch Area, from 18:30 to 19:00 both evening. Fifty balloons are invited.
Key Grab Race
Monday afternoon, 3rd November 2003
Balloons will fly to the pole at the event area, which has a key of car as the prize. Who can get the key to receive a car as the prize?
A Key Grab Race will be held at the Launch Area, from 15:00 to sun set time.