The outline of NetCom SAGA promotion enterprise

NetCom Saga's Mission Statement

--NetCom Saga Development Project Committee's vision is to create a single cyber community by fusing the development of an advanced information infrastructure with practical application technology

--NetCom Saga Development Project Committee's duty is to promote the construction of high-speed communication systems and information services throughout the largest possible area in order to benefit local organizations, educational and health care institutions, and private citizens. This will be accomplished by actualizing a revolution in business and organization technological development.

The Development of NetCom Saga Promotion Enterprise


1. Activities of NetCom Promotion Enterprise
(1) Results of the 2001 NetCom Saga Promotion Meeting
(2) Plans for the 2002 NetCom Saga Promotion Meeting
(3) New Promotion System
2. Outline of the NetCom infrastructure

1. Activity of NetCom Promotion enterprise

i1jResults of the 2001 NetCom Saga Promotion Meeting

(1)Experimental operation correlation and implementation
     (note: details are indicated by an arrow)
The results report will be made available on the NetCom Saga homepage


i2jPlans for the 2002 NetCom Saga Promotion Meeting

(1)Correlation of experimental projects (existing projects + new projects)
      Note: Projects already being implemented at present are indicated by an arrow, after which follows a description of the project. New projects are in red; existing projects are in black)
The Development Project Committee is not involved in budgeting. Participants use funding provided by their national governments and other funding for all projects.
Periodic announcements regarding the status of projects will be made on the homepage and via email


i3jNew Promotion System

¦Recent Changes
1. Operation of all projects will be changed from ggroup organizationh to gproject organizationh
2. We will begin promotion of the gSaga Prefecture New Area Information Technology Planh with the cooperation of the Saga Prefectural Government Planning Division
¦Notes regarding experimental projects in progress
1. There are generally two main objectives for the experimental projects
   Efeasibility study
   Eprototype development
2. We want to implement the greatest degree of synergy during the experimental project phase
3. We have set time targets for each of our experimental projects


2.Outline of NetCom Infrastructure

”The NetCom infrastructure was made completely business-oriented as of April 1, 2001.
    We are accepting applications for use at our cable television stations in Saga, Karatsu, Imari, Takeo, Arita, Taku, Ureshino, and Shiota.
*Characteristics of the NetCom infrastructure
  (CATV-area connections)
 šĄSaga Prefecture Intranet
 šĮSpecialization of Operations
 šĀMutual connections with other networks
*Recently Improved Points
 šĄThe trunk line network area between the CATV stations and the Network Operation Centers has been upgraded to 100Mbps
 šĮThe Arita Cable Network has begun connections
 šĀInternet connections have been upgraded to 70Mbps
 šĆThe Experimental-Use IPv6 have been mutually connected
 šÄPlaystation Broadband (BB) services have been started


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