The outline of NetCom SAGA promotion enterprise

NetCom Saga's Mission Statement

--NetCom Saga Development Project Committee's vision is to create a single cyber community by fusing the development of an advanced information infrastructure with practical application technology

--NetCom Saga Development Project Committee's duty is to promote the construction of high-speed communication systems and information services throughout the largest possible area in order to benefit local organizations, educational and health care institutions, and private citizens. This will be accomplished by actualizing a revolution in business and organization technological development.

1.Activity of NetCom Promotion enterprise
(1) NetCom Saga Development Project Committee Basic Policy
(2) Organizational Chart of the NetCom Saga Development Project Committee
(3) Enforcement term
2.NetCom infrastructure

1. Activity of NetCom Promotion enterprise

(1) NetCom Saga Development Project Committee Basic Policy

1. The aim of our activities is to take the fullest advantage of the synergy created by IT technology while actively developing a range of projects related to the establishment of IT technology throughout Saga prefecture, research and development, links to Asia and a fusion with society and educational institutions.

2. The Development Project Committee is not involved in budgeting; rather, for all projects participants use funding provided by their national governments along with other funding

3. The Committee aims for constant results during its period of activity ending on March 31, 2002

4. Announcements of the activities of the Committee will be made to members on the Committee's website and via email on an on-going basis

Cyber Revolution in Saga Prefecture

 (1) Prefecture-wide penetration of NetCom

 (2) Promotion of IT technology among businesses
       throughout the prefecture

 (3) Improving NetCom Infrastructure services through
       links with major IT companies

 (4) Promotion of IT technology in medical, nursing care,
       and other public services throughout the prefecture

Links to Asia

 (1) Saga-Asia "e-marketplace"

 (2) Research into ways to break down the Asian
       "digital divide"

Research and Development Fusion with Society and Schools

  (1) Development of IT research utilizing resources of
       "Japan Gigabit Network" (an organization of the
       Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications)

 (2) Enforcement of Telecommunications Advancement
      Organization of Japan "IPv6 information appliance
     sponsored research"

 (3) Research in cooperation with major IT companies

 (1) Cooperation with the Advanced Educational Network
       Model Area Project organized by the Ministry of
       Posts and Telecommunications and the Ministry of

 (2) Cooperation with the Interactive Education (IE)
       Association's activities

*Details (action plan, etc) concerning all listed projects will be announced on an on-going basis


(2) Organizational Chart of the NetCom Saga Development Project Committee

   1. as a result of the newly created position of "Chairman", links andcooperation with both domestic and overseas business enterprises and with research organizations will be strengthened
   2. the establishment of IT technology will be supported by the Saga Prefectural Regional Industry Support Center, among others


(3) Enforcement term

-- the NetCom Saga Development Project Committee has extended its period of activity for one year to March 31, 2002.


2.NetCom infrastructure

*As of April 1, 2001 the testing network will be made available to businesses
*Characteristics of the Business Network Infrastructure
  a.broadband infrastructure
  b.Saga Prefecture-wide intranet
  c.other business network two-way connections


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