• We aim to create a single electronic community by concentrating our cutting-edge information infrastructure and our user technology
  • By promoting Business Process Reengineering in corporations and other organizations, we aim to speed the construction of a wide-area/ high-speed communication system and information service that includes local government bodies, education, health care and private residences, so that all aspects of society are included
  • To realize the practical implementation of "Business Process Reengineering" and "New Business" through the use of IT
Project Activities
  • Research and Development initiatives
  • Practical applications of our research
  • "NetCom Saga Development Project Committee" is the umbrella organization comprising businesses, educational institutions and governmental/bureaucratic bodies within Saga Prefecture
  • The following seven (7) organizations are represented:
      SAGA Venture Business Committee
      Saga Prefecture Cable Television Committee
      Saga Research Network Committee
      Saga University Faculty of Science and Engineering
      Saga Prefecture Software Cooperative
      Saga Prefecture Executive Management Office
      Saga Prefecture Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, Commerce
      and Industry Office
  • The project's total executive administration is carried out by the NetCom Administrative Office per the directions of the NetCom Saga Development Project Committee
◆Method of Implementation
  1. Commercialization Potential Survey and prototypes
  2. Budget for each project is specialized for secure development
  3. NetCom infrastructure is used as a test bed
  4. Feedback supplied on experimental results


Test bed
  1. NetCom and SNI infrastructure
  2. Saga Research Network
  3. Japan Gigabyte Network (+v6)
  4. School Networks



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