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a. This is a testing project to achieve "Business Process Reengineering" through using the computer network.

b. We will allow companies, including SOHO, or any kind of organizing bodies to use fast and mass data network, it is the NetCom infrastructure, under free of charge.

c. Any company, including SOHO, or any kind of organizing bodies in Saga Prefecture are able to join this project. If a company or a organizing body has a plan to have a server in Saga Prefecture, it can also join to this project.

d. Participants of this project can use basic functions of the infrastructure of NetCom and internet without any charge and make trials "Business Process Reengineering" and "New Business Development".

e. "Electric Commerce", "Educational Contents Marketing System" and "Merge Broadcasting and Communication", which are not developed for commercial using, are studying by local companies with a nationwide companies.

f. The time period of this project is from April 1998 to March 2001. Commerce, Industry & Labor Department of Saga Prefecture is the major sponsor of this project. The NetCom Saga Promotion Project Committee is in charge of this and organizing industries, universities and governments.

g. All projects and operation of the infrastructure of NetCom are enforced by the secretariat of NetCom, which is commissioned by the NetCom Saga Promotion Project Committee.

h. We are studying about not only "the Infrastructure of NetCom", but also "Japan Gigabit Network" which is organized by the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, and "Advanced Educational Network Model Area project", which is organized by the "Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications" and "the Ministry of Education".

i. The Infrastructure of NetCom will be opened to public after April 2001.

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