■NetCom Saga Development Project Committee is testing a project designed to apply computer networks to Business Process Re-engineering.
・a large-scale multi-media project whose purpose is to realize a “business revolution” using computers and information technology

・the main body organizing ndustry, educational institutions, and public administration institutions within Saga Prefecture. It was launched in April 1998 and is administrated by the NetCom SAGA Development Project Committee

・unique because of the following four distinctions:
  (1) development of prototypes and commercialization feasibility studies
  (2) budgets are secured for each and every project
  (3) the NetCom infrastructure is used as the experimental field
  (4) feedback regarding the results of experiments (shift to commercialuse)

・continuing experimental projects started in 1998
  First Stage (April 1998 - March 2001)= mainly infrastructure development
  Second Stage (April 2001 - March 2002)= mainly service platform development
  Third Stage (begun in April 2002 and ongoing)= mainly contents/service development

・maintaining the “Broadband Network (NetCom infrastructure)” constructed in the first stage and applied to the commercial market in April 2001. Ten CATV stations in Saga City, Karatsu, Imari, Takeo, Arita, Shito, Ureshino, Taku, and Kashima are serving as ISPs. The Saga Shimbun/Nagasaki Shimbun Internet (SNI), esearch networks and educational networks share mutual connections (as of the end of May 2003).

・comprehensively running all facets of the project through its NetCom Business Office

■The NetCom Office is in charge of total operations per order of the NetCom Saga Development Project Committee.

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